I love to sing and have been a professional singer when I was young. On a certain moment, two years after my biggest fan died, my dear father, I decided to step out of the glamour world. I just couldn't deal with it anymore.

Singing is in my blood and I still do sing, now mostly in the shower 😝and behind my computer and here and there on stage at a wedding or party. I love to perform on stage, but to be a professional singer is a very difficult life to lead and since i'm too sensitive for that, I just couldn't keep up with it. There's too much jealousy and envy in the glamour business and being a celebrity means no privacy, and that's really something I don't want to miss. I love to sing ballads, classical and up tempo or soul songs. I like songs from Whitney Houston, Adele, ABBA, Susan Boyle and such, but also love to sing the 'Ave Maria' in a church. During my short career I had the privilege of having my own manager, composers and songwriters, and I also wrote some lyrics myself. I have a couple of songs that are written and composed especially for me which were quite a success at the time when I was touring through our little country.

On these pictures I performed for TV (AVRO's TOPPOP) in 1985.
Anyway.......... as singing is one of my talents I do want to share it with you. So here are a couple of pictures, newspaper articles and video's of my voice and other art so you get any idea of it all and I hope you enjoy viewing and listening!

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