Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Hi there,

The last heart i'm going to share from my inspirational series of eight hearts is this one titled 'mindful'. The backside has wordart too: "Live in the moment".

The angels tell you to live in the moment, be on time and be mindful, all in one, haha.

The clock charm on the dangle refers to time and of course a heart couldn't miss either.

Mindful is a hype word these days. You can read it and hear it in just anything lately. I feel slammed around my ears with it. I think it's a complete hype. I say......  Just keep it simple......... live now, that's all. Live intentional, with a good heart. I don't need mindful coffee mornings, mindful walks, mindful therapy or whatever. I am always mindful and full of mind, haha. It's so simple....... just BE in THIS MOMENT with ALL YOUR HEART! The hearts knows best.

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