Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Belated angels

Handmade vintage snowangel ornament hanger by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Dear reader,

I'm late with sharing my Christmas creations, hence the title of this blogpost. I finally managed to take pictures of my belated Christmas angels, pfff....... but is it too late for angels?  Nooooo...... of course not. Angels are always a good thing, even when they are a bit late, hehe. So..... here they are, these four little victorian children with their magical wings, waving goodbye to Christmas and ringing their bells for a reminder of the upcoming Spring! This morning the first sunrays tickled me while i was sitting at the breakfast table, right before a wet snow system took over from the sun and I sensed the message of Spring is already near. So hurry hurry with these hangers then and share them with you. Saved by the bells LOL. I made these with using punched cardboard background and attached those gorgeous golden wings to them. I used glue on bails to add the dangles and the chain on top and added some old lace to the dangles as well. They are very sparkly and the bells ring so lovely when you touch them. They give the right Christmas spirit with those little bells ringing. I found those golden wings in a German drugstore. They were packed by 6 pieces, and quite expensive, but so so beautiful. I'll have to find some more the upcoming Christmas season as I definitely want to make a follow up on these love vintage hangers. I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today. More to come!

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