Wednesday, November 8, 2017

She's a lady handmade vintage card

Hi there,

Again some time flew by since I wrote. In the meantime i'm one year older also. I had a wonderful birthday and really have feel blessed by all the wonderful gifts and love I received.

I'm still behind when it comes to sharing all the artsy things I created, so hop hop on with the goat, haha. Here is a handmade vintage style card I finished recently. I love the beautiful pinkish photo of this pretty vintage lady and have used it quite often in my art lately. This is a pretty simple card actually made by just using a lot of florals around the frame. That gorgeous bling butterfly was a find I got from a store in Germany where they had these in the curtain rod section. It's a magnetic butterfly which original purpose was to use it as a decorative item on a curtain, but I saw more for using it in my art, so that's why I took it home with me. When I go into a store I always look like a dragonfly with a multipurpose point of view. I find use for the offered items in many ways, always lol. Sometimes it makes me tired though as it's always quite complex thinking for me, but alas that's who I am. I hope this little blogpost finds you well. I'm going to prepare for the next one!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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