Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fairy note

Hi there,

It's a "Fairy", no I mean very wet and pretty cold Sunday over here in the Netherlands so.... I though it's time to share some brightness with this fairy notecard I made recently.

This is a bit of an unusual card, actually a notecard, but I thought it's quite fun and something different than the standard sizes and shapes I mostly come up with. It's is a card that can be folded open and there you will find a note. At the backside of the folding, and when folded, inside of the card you find a pocket on each side of the folding area in which I tucked some lovely tags with quotes and charms. You could even add your own personal little notes or gift coupon there. I will share the front of this card in a separate blogpost as otherwise it might become a bit too long.

It was fun to run around with glitter and flowers again and hope you enjoy the sweet eyecandy for today again.

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