Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Falling earrings

Goodmorning or evening or afternoon, whatever time it is in your place of this world!

Just before lunchtime a short blogpost about my latest fall inspired earrings. I am trying to catch up with sharing as otherwise I will need to hire someone for doing that haha. I have so many things piled up for taking pictures. But alas, that's just a luxurious problem comparing that to everything that is happening in this world. Summer is clearly over and the garden slowly starts to make itself ready for winter. Leaves of shrubs and trees are starting to color and falling off and it's much wetter in the garden as well. Next week my husband and I need to make sure to plant some roses and bulbs in the garden before the real autumn sets in. It's supposed to become a bit dryer this week so great time hopefully for doing that. I can't do heavy gardening anymore, so my husband needs to help with that. And as he needs to take it easy as well, it's just one rose in one day, or when we're lucky we'll get in two rose bushes. I'm grateful for every thing we still can do and that we foremost have each other, and will enjoy our time together anyway. We do what we can! I've had a very difficult thing to digest considering my health, yet again. On one eye i'm 85% blind due to Lyme disease damage, and now I had to go for eye control and my other eye has a problem as well. I have severe eye nerve breakdown and high eye pressure, so they think it's glaucoma. I was really in panic due to that news as I soooooo much need every little piece I can still see for creating! I am already creating with thick glasses and loops on, and who knows how difficult it will become in the future to still see something! God knows why this happens. In the meantime I digested the bad news and am determined to fight this battle as well. So much going on with health issues lately. It's just too much too talk about and to be honest, i don't want to complain much about it as well, as that simply doesn't help. I try to focus on the good things as much as I can and foremost on feeling happy with my dearest husband, who is the best of the best!
Anyway..... long story short, haha, here are my 'Fall'ing earrings then! More to come! At the end i shared some pictures from the last flowers in my garden plus of myself, which is that concrete snail. Really my pace is the same as him lol! I hope you are finding this little blogpost well and that it is safe and peaceful in your part of the world! May God bless everyone who needs it! Goodbye Summer!

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