Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fresh Beginning

Hi there!

I created this card recently and thought to share it here with you.

It has taken weeks and weeks before this card was finished. I somehow didn't get the hang of it and kept adding piece by piece from time to time, haha. I guess that's life. All with all i'm satisfied with the result and that's what counts. Plus, of course, that I managed to finish something again. My mother always told me I couldn't accomplish anything. Now I know that's not true and I tend to want to finish just everything. She has tought me a great lesson by trying to push me down all the time. It's like when you push a ball under water.......... the harder you push, the harder it wants to come back up to the surface again, haha. And i'm a veeeeeery big huge ball, I can tell you that, haha. Anyway...... after finishing this card I created a new moment for a fresh beginning. I added an embroidered cabochon I made to this card. It was one of those things laying on my desk, waiting to be used and it matched this card perfectly I think. I even decorated the backside fully. At the end I couldn't stop embellishing, hehe. I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today!