Saturday, June 17, 2017

Looking up to the flowers

Good evening!

Yes, it's evening here, but maybe morning there. Doesn't matter. Time doesn't exist in my fairy beautiful world, haha.

I'm back with more floral art and it's always time for flowers, isn't it?

I created this pink lilac peach colored artist trading card a little while ago and wanted to share some eyecandy today, plus some of my most favorite roses I have blooming in my little garden. Of course all pink flowers.

I so much look up to the flowers and especially the roses. They are magical, so beautiful! Each rose is a masterpiece, actually each flower is. Its growing proces never ceases to amaze me. A huge Dahlia comes out of a tiny little bud........ incredible! I just love it. Anyway, here is some pink eyecandy then. I hope you like it all! Have a great weekend!

Rosa Kir Royal
Rosa Kir Royal
Rosa Kir Royal
Rosa Ispahan
Rosa Ispahan
Rosa Fantin Latour
Rosa Fantin Latour
Rosa Rosarium Uetersen


  1. Hi Ingeborg, What a pretty pink post. I love your gorgeous creation and your garden is something to inspire. Love your pink blooms. I know you are enjoying your garden and it gives you much to inspire your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy your posts. It's been so busy here but I am trying to catch up. Enjoying seeing you in IG too. Have a great and creative week. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much dear Celeste! Thank you for stopping by! Stay well! xox Ingeborg


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