Monday, June 12, 2017

Fairy tales from my garden

Hello there,

I'm enjoying myself in my garden a lot this year. I'm in awe of how fast nature grows in a short period of time, especially during high temperatures and a lot of moisture in the air. On one evening a rose is still fully closed, and the next morning it's fully opened! Magical!! I thought to share some pictures from my fairy tale garden with you today. Most of the pictures i'm sharing today are about the huge amount of green I have surrounding me right now. These pictures are mostly taken early in the evening when the sun was setting already. We are having coffee then on our little terrace that my husband made for us. It's very tiny, only 3.5 x 3.5 square metres, but it's very cozy and most of all secluded and protecting us from the smoke of our neighbours, which we find disgusting. We have two beautiful trees in our backyard, a Birch and an Acer tree. I love to listen to the whistle of the leaves when the wind blows through them. A blackbird comes to sing in it every day around 4 and late in the evening, and it often gets a visit from the house sparrows and the magpies. Soooo meditative. I don't need yoga classes for those sounds, haha. The wind and chimes of the birds just take me to fairyland instantly. The smell of the roses is an extra incentive during those meditative sessions with coffee. My pretty white rambler rose 'Bobbie James' is in full bloom right now, and it's awesome to see it going over the rosearch. So romantic! My husband also made a fence of pruned Acer branches and I covered it up with ivy and Parthenocissus which will turn into a beautiful red color through the green ivy in the autumn. Behind it is our little terrace then. I love all the arches in my garden and am planning for more. They give such great dimension to it and gives the feeling to really have a huge parc instead of tiny little garden, plus I can grow more roses. I will share pictures of my roses soon as well. For now I thought this was enough of a fairy tale. I hope you are finding this little blogpost well! Take good care of yourself!

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