Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Embracing pink

Roze bedelarmband met bloemen en munten ©Ingeborg van Zuiden

Nanno Nanno, Mork calling Olson😎..... haha. Contact with bead lovers please!

I love💗pink and it's soooooo not obvious in the meantime, I think😋! And I often wear pink around my arms well. So that makes a bridge to the title of my blogpost today: "Embracing pink". How original I am huh 😁Pink is my favorite color, and has been all my life! I just love this gorgeous color forever!🌷🌷🌷I am so boring and predictable actually, hehe.

This is a floral charm bracelet I created recently. I only used pink and warm gold colors this time. I had this little box in my stash filled with gold coin charms and stumbled upon it as going through my bead stash and it inspired me immediately to go make this 'priceless' floral charm bracelet despite all the money that's hanging on it, he he. I'm totally hooked on those pink acrylic bead flowers, by the way. I once bought those in a textile discounter here in the Netherlands. Although they are made of the cheap acrylic material and they actually were meant for kids I just adore them! I still consider myself a kid, so...... there you go! I bought them in several different colors and use them a lot in earrings, dangles and bracelets. This bracelet is fully made with using eyepins, no chain involved.

I hope you found some inspiration again and that you like my floral charm bracelet. On to the next creative splash! Enjoy the day!

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  1. Hi Sweet and most Talented Friend. Your pinks are a delight to view. Lovely as always. Blessings be yours! xo


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