Sunday, February 12, 2017

American Dream Girl ATC ACEO

Handmade ATC ACEO American Dream Girl by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Dear reader,

A great Sunday to share my handmade 'American Dream girl' ATC ACEO card with you all. I follow the American news (Fox News and OANN) on a daily basis and noticed there's a lot of talking about the American Dream since the new President is in town! Apparantly he is restoring hope for so many Americans. But I must admit that he restored my hope for the future as well and I've never had this feeling of so much hope since more than 35 years, so that must tell something, at least to me!

Anyway, I was inspired by that when I saw the picture of this beautiful Southern Belle and that's how I came up with the name 'American Dream Girl' for this ACEO card. I guess i'm living my own little American Dream here in the Netherlands, hehe. At least I have my imagination! I can think as big as I can! That's my only freedom for now. May the red roses bloom more beautiful as ever before this upcoming summer and may your heart never grow old, just like the American Dream!

Handmade ATC ACEO American Dream Girl by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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  1. Hi Ingeborg, you certainly have created your magic once again in your designs. Simply beautiful. Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love and special moments. Blessings to you dear one! xo


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