Monday, January 30, 2017

White Purity miracle bracelet

Hello there!😀

When it comes to writing a blogpost i'm in for beads today. Because it was grey and cold outside I am inspired to share my newest beaded fashion gadget with you which is this 'White Purity' miracle bracelet with grey/silver and white beads and organza trimmings. I just love love love to use miracle beads, like the big oval shaped ones in this bracelet. They are so special because when they catch the light there comes a depth in them that is simply magical. You can see it in one of the last pictures when you scroll down.

I used faux pearls, leaves and flowers as well as gold tone findings and finished the bracelet with white organza trimming to give it a bit of a fairy look and feel. I hope you enjoy the eyecandy for today! In the meantime i'm shuffling around with furniture in my craftroom to create a bit more workspace for myself. It's a puzzle when you don't have a lot of room! But i'll get there for sure. Lots of finished projects to still take pictures of as well like tons of earrings and ATC/ACEO cards! When it comes to creating beauty i've been quite occupied with that lately and that's a good sign for me and feels so good! Days fly over like a breath of air and time seems to go faster and faster, pfffff......... 😝I hope you feel good and wish you a wonderful day!

Handmade white charm bracelet with miracle beads by Ingeborg van Zuiden

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