Friday, March 4, 2016

Handmade card vintage floral beauty

Goodmorning to you!

I hope my little post finds you well today :). I have been finishing off a handmade card again which i'm going to show you today. Slowly the mess of the past is decreasing on my craftdesk :D Still some unfinished projects though! But..... the fact that Spring is at our doorstep surely helps to motivate me to clean things out over there. What a mess a human being can have, haha. Anyway....... this is the handmade card then. It's packed with flowers and the text expresses my inner feelings at this moment. I feel I want to fly out like a bird but on the same hand I love to be in my home sweet home where I feel safe. I added a handmade medaillon as well with floral bottlecap art. Hope you like it!

Handmade vintage style floral card by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Handmade paper medaillon or rosette
3d flowers
Details on handmade card with wordart
Flee as a bird

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