Sunday, February 28, 2016

Precious Love ATC ACEO card

Happy Sunday!

It has been a couple of days since i've been here. Time flies so fast, as usual!

It's a bright and sunny but pretty cold day here in the Netherlands. The soil is still frozen; birds are chatty though, and ready for spring, so it seems. They are already busy singing spring songs and seeking for suitable new homes and gardens. What a precious time of the year this always is. Every year it's the same, though every year it seems to be a whole new adventure as if nothing ever has happened that way. It's magical how God can make things alike but different :D Time for eye candy then. I made this little Artist Trading Card/ ACEO card named 'Precious Love'. I hope you like this little girl!

Enjoy this Sunday!
Precious Love handmade artist trading card aceo
Ruffled love
Precious Love handmade artist trading card aceo
Vintage girl on handmade atc aceo card
Vintage girl paper art
Pink fabric flower

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