Saturday, June 3, 2017

The red line

Dear reader,

The past days the color red dominated the world news yet again, especially when it goes about the President of the US, mr. Trump. This week the red line was crossed (in my world that happened years ago already!) when yet another so called 'artist' posted the most sickening, develish picture on him. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about. I am so angry about all the disrespect and extreme negativism and sick talk he and everyone that surrounds him has to take, while he is doing such a fantastic job on his presidency, in my humble opinion. I am a big fan of Trump and a lot of my positive energy, which is very precious and expensive, haha, goes to him! And I know for 100% sure he will win. I simply know! It is so bad right now in this world, it's clearly good versus evil and it's being fought the hard disgusting way. For me the red line has crossed years and years ago already, when 'everyone' just seemed to find that they could say or judge anything they think online or in the real world. I just can't stand it that respect seems to be gone these days. Of course there are still many good people left, but I think most of them are observing this quietly and suffering in silence. But boy.......... when their red lines are being crossed...... believe me...... earth will shake! God will step in and justice will be done, that's for sure. Now or later, the bad acting people will have to pay for their evil behavior. I hate the lies and bullying, aaarrrrrgggggg. So........ I was inspired by the color red this time and thought to create this little blogpost to spit my anger and turn it around into beauty. God will make all right again. It's only a matter of time. My prayers go to the Trump family and everyone who is being attacked because of the support to Trump. It's 'just' that everything is so out of balance now, pfffff....... One thing is very uplifting....... my red roses are blooming so beautifully and abundantly this year, that it is a good year for the roses!!!! OK, off the soapbox. Here is my eyecandy for today plus some photos from the garden, all with a red line dotted through them of course, haha. Have a wonderful cool weekend! May God bless you, may God bless the world and bring peace in all the suffering hearts! A rose is a rose is a rose.........

Collection of old ivy plants
Euonymus and Azalea
Rosa Sympathie in the front garden

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