Sunday, June 25, 2017

More red style expression


I'm back with even more red glitz and glam!

Red, color of LOVE, so vibrant and thankful to use. Where would we be without love. When love wouldn't exist, the rivers wouldn't flow anymore, birds won't fly anymore, people won't kiss anymore, won't share anymore, etc. etc.

I have always loved red as well. I had to as otherwise my most favorite color pink wouldn't exist, hehe. So....... today even more red style expression for you to indulge here. First I want to share this artist trading card with fashion theme. Then some photos from a mood board or memory board I have made a long while ago. It's hanging in my little craftroom and I have added all kinds of memorabilia and handmade items onto it. It's very inspirational to watch. And also some red floral pictures from my garden featuring some pretty red roses. I hope you enjoy the eyecandy again! Stay well!

Rosa Sympathie
Rosa Sympathie
Rosa Sympathie
Rosa Leonardo DaVinci Red
Rosa 'That's Jazz'

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