Friday, February 10, 2017

My future is pink

Dear reader,

This pink-oriented fairy 🎀 is back in town with jewelry, or better said earrings! Maybe I am becoming a bit boring with sharing so many different earrings lately?! I hope not! I certainly am not bored making earrings these days😊. I need to win the lottery soon as i'm running out of bead stash and don't have money in stash to fill the gaps in my storage containers LOL😵😋. But i'll keep on using all I have and then will hop to other materials. That's one thing that supports the creative flow...... lack of possibilities of choosing all kinds of materials, so i've experienced! But of course it's more convenient when you actually can choose from lots of different beads or whatever materials you'd need for your creative process. I'll start using pink fabrics then or pink paper, hehe. Lots of that in store too! My future is pink, no matter what! Long story short........ here come the pink earrings I wanted to share with you today. I love the bling shamballa ball beads. They are so pretty and shiny. On the other hand very expensive! One bead is about 2 euro! But they are worth it as I think they are fully handmade beads. I also made a necklace with a prayer box the other day filled with a shamballa harmony chime ball inside. Will share that one soon as well! In the meantime I keep on promissing more eyecandy, haha. We need sweet candy in this world. It's such a bitter time, isn't it?! Everyone seems to be upset these days. The world is shaking, that's for sure! Soon there will come relief. I just can feel it! Let President Trump do his work. He and his team seek for peace in this world and that's always a good message. Peace is pink. Unfortunately there can be no peace without war, I guess. No + without -, no light without darkness, no black without white, no honey without bees, no life without love. That's how I think due to my own experience in life so far. I hate war, hate fights, hate the dark side of life, but it's a fact that evil exists and we have to deal with it the best way we can. The devil always tries to destroy something beautiful. But love will at the end always win! Love is all we need. Sounds cliche, but it IS the truth! Off the soapbox.😜 Have a wonderful day! And may God bless you and everybody!


  1. Hi Ingeborg, WOW your pinks are gorgeous. I love all these beautiful earrings. You have been a busy girl and it surely shows. Your style and designs are stunning.
    Thank you for sharing and wishing you a beautiful new week ahead. xo Blessings

  2. Hi Celeste, yes i have been quite productive with my hobbies. It feels good to create again! I'm glad you like my earrings. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and praises yet again. You are so kind to me! Thank you again! xoxo Ingeborg


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