Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Festival des roses handmade card

Dear reader,

It's about time to share some eyecandy again, just before I am heading to the dentist today. Paying a visit to the dentist......... one of my most favorite things to do, pffff.....😟 I used to be so very scared of going to the dentist, but these days i'm very lucky to have found the most wonderful and kind dentist one can get. Since he treated me for the first time, a couple of years ago, my fear for the dentist reduced to a bareful level. So....... I was up early and thought to update my blog a little bit. I have been creating this bright card a couple of months ago, in December. Can you imagine how behind I am, 😆. Sooooo many things created and still have to take pictures of it all......... tons of earrings...... I think about 90 pairs........., brooch, keychains, necklaces, ATC cards, bracelets. Really i'm not exaggerating! So much! The latest thing i'm hooked on is making memory wire bracelets 🌸. I'm a creative butterfly these days and fly through my two little craftrooms from my beading and stitching desk, to my computer and to my paper desk. And times flies sooooooooo fast over those desks too! Well.......... i'm not actually flying of course. I sound as if i'm fast but behind this screen it's actually a turtle pace. I can barely walk 😢Anyway...... long story short, this is the card I'd like to share. I baptized it 'Festival des roses' hence what you see is what you get with this card: a festival of roses! I was in 'my' mood making this one. I love the bright colors of it and the explosion of florals. I hope you like it too! We can use some eyecandy in this bitter and divided world, can't we?! Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Ingeborg, I am just loving your gorgeous eyecandy. Your talent has no bounds. I bet you are busy and really enjoying this creative time. I think it can come in waves at times and when it hits we need to just go with it. So sorry you are having trouble walking. I hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are lovely as always.
    Sending hugs your way., Blessings. xo

  2. Thank you so much dear Celeste! The wave sure has hit me ;) Big hug to you! xox Ingeborg


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