Thursday, February 16, 2017

A snow white ball

Hi there,

I had a ball with making these earrings while outside there still was snow in my garden. I actually managed to use snow balls as well in these jewelry creations, hehe. Since today the real snow has finally melted away completely. The weather forecasts carefully show some spring temperatures coming to our little country at the North Sea! So...... time to quickly release my snowflakes before the yellows and green will show up. I did see the first snowdrops yesterday, by the way! Lovely little bulb flowers those are! The birds are already quite active too! They are hipping through my golden showers tree and inspecting the little white birdhouse in there all the time to see if that's the home they'll move into. I hope so! So inspiring those first signs of spring are! It truly brings new spirit into everything. Magical I find that, year in year out! I hope you will enjoy this bunch of bead explosure today! I'm off creating even more! I'm having a snow ball for the last time this year, haha. Have a wonderful day!

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