Monday, January 16, 2017

Sugar snow candy kisses

Dear reader,

My garden is covered with snow! It finally happened this winter here in the Netherlands! We didn't have that many snowy scenes here the past decade. When I was young, in the seventies, snow was much more of a regular visitor here in our little country at the North Sea. But nowadays it's almost rare. A couple of years ago we had two winters that were cold with lots of snow, but aside from those two years it wasn't much to write home about.

So............ Snowy candy kisses from the fairies in my garden are the news of my day! And this time is was quite an amount of the magical white fairy winter dust! I asked my husband to take some pictures of the magical snow in our backyard and of course have to share them with you! It looks like God had an appetite for pancakes and instead decided to first sugarcoat our neighbourhood 😊. It's amazing how snow turns a dull winter garden into magic fairyland! And then to imagine what a beautiful miracle only one little snowflake is! It's God's way of cleaning the air!

"If you go out when it's snowing
And look up at the sky
You'll feel lots of icy kisses
As the snowflakes flutter by"
 (Suzie Bitner)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Rosemary with snow

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