Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ruffles and baubles

Handmade knitted shawl by Ingeborg van Zuiden - Weijman
Hi there dear reader!

It has been a while again since i've posted. I thought time would slow down a bit in the new year, but no......... I said to myself: "Keep dreaming honey, that won't happen" 😍. But here I am, still alive and still not kicking, hehe. We are in a wintry state currently and had snow and are making ourselves up for a frosty period. They expect it to be 17 degrees Fahrenheit during the nights, so it will be brrrrrr..... Typically 'baby it's cold outside'-weather thus. Inside it will be cozy and warm though, hopefully!

I'm so much looking forward to the inauguration of Donald Trump; I will be the first one that is in front of the TV that day. I've followed a lot of the American news lately and am in shock and in awe of how disrespectful some people are reacting and of the smear campaigns going on. It makes me sick. That's one reason I decided not to go into politics because it would cost me a heart attack. It almost does now, when I see the daily news. Mr. Trump is officially elected, all is approved through the proper institutions, and although one might not believe it, or hate the outcome, one must accept and give the man a chance. He has made so many promisses, and very beautiful and wonderful promisses........ I am sure he will keep up to most of them. He has proven to be succesful, that's for sure. Otherwise he won't have a life after his resignation! I can say that he is the first one in twenty plus years that has given me true hope for the future, even for my own country, as what will happen in the US will so much affect Europe as well! And that feels so good to have good hope again! He has my blessings for sure. Also looking forward to the beautiful mormon choir to sing at the inauguration. I'd never heard of them before, but am hooked since I heard them singing. Soooooo Godly beautiful!

But...... anyway...... let me just stick to my creative splashes. That's more soothening for my heart lol. So...... here are some ruffles and baubles I created. A quick shawl I did in one evening and some cute earrings with little balls. As you can see I had a ball with the balls. 😁So many of them in one earring! My husband said 'none can ever say you don't have balls', hehe. Too funny 😛 I hope the new year started well for you! More creativity will follow soon! I have about 120 pairs of earrings ready made and still to take photos of plus some cards. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your time.
Handmade knitted shawl by Ingeborg van Zuiden - Weijman
Handmade knitted shawl by Ingeborg van Zuiden - Weijman
Bronze ball earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden - Weijman
Bronze ball earrings by Ingeborg van Zuiden - Weijman
Bronze ball earrings
Ruffles shawl by Ingeborg van Zuiden
knitted ruffles

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