Sunday, November 26, 2017

Front of fairy notecard

Hi there,

Here I am a again with, as promissed, the frontside of the fairy notecard I showed in my former blogpost. I hope you like it and feel inspired or just enjoyed the happy views!

Have a great Sunday!

Fairy note

Hi there,

It's a "Fairy", no I mean very wet and pretty cold Sunday over here in the Netherlands so.... I though it's time to share some brightness with this fairy notecard I made recently.

This is a bit of an unusual card, actually a notecard, but I thought it's quite fun and something different than the standard sizes and shapes I mostly come up with. It's is a card that can be folded open and there you will find a note. At the backside of the folding, and when folded, inside of the card you find a pocket on each side of the folding area in which I tucked some lovely tags with quotes and charms. You could even add your own personal little notes or gift coupon there. I will share the front of this card in a separate blogpost as otherwise it might become a bit too long.

It was fun to run around with glitter and flowers again and hope you enjoy the sweet eyecandy for today again.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

More mandala's

Hello there,

Some more Mandala's I made the other day. One in blue and greens and one in pink colours. This time I added glitter to them too. I couldn't help myself. I just need glitter, haha.

This is just a very short post to share these two.

I hope you are feeling good today!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Saturday

Dear reader,

It's not black Friday lol, but in my world it's black Saturday, hehehe. I had to come up with an opening sentence on the eyecandy I wanted to share today and since I noticed ads everywhere naming black Friday, I came up with black Saturday as it IS Saturday and my earrings are all black toned. Oh how original I am huh, haha.

Anyway, this is my batch of black and silver beaded earrings I created recently.  My favorite ones are the ones on the left here with those Angel wings. Now that I see the picture up close and personal............. I wondered...... did I put the wings upside down? Mmmmm........... i'm always a kind of rebelious so it would match my personality, but somehow they seem odd to me, now I took a better look at them! What do you think? Are they upside down? Do you notice the difference, or am I the only one? When I would turn them I think the wings will look dreary and not positive, but mmmm...... I think these angels can't fly LOL.

I love the beads with the AB oil shine. Anything with iridescence always catches my special attention. I love it! I hope I could inspire you a bit today and will be back soon with more artsy stuff I made.

I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tranquility colouring

Dear reader,

It's been some days again since I posted. I hope this colourful post will find you well today!

Recently I bought some very pretty sets of mandala cards that you have to give colour yourself and so I took some time to play around with colours. It's my first try on mandala's. Never done this before, but I must say..... it's a great thing to do for relaxing and go back to your childhood! My colouring is really not perfect as i'm half blind, and so here and there you can see some imperfections, but alas........ that's life. I tried my best. I can't see these imperfections with my naked eye, but when I scanned the cards and zoomed in on them I noticed it's really really bad, haha. Anyway...... These cards are really cool. They are made of velvet! In realtime they are so pretty and feeling soft and the colours show so bright. I will now start to use them as a background for my cards, so in the near future you'll see them again in another form. Mandala colouring is so popular nowadays. I am amazed by the offers of pencils and books with patterns that are available. Sooooo much to choose from! I used what I had in stack when it comes to the pencils. I used Le Plume pencils, regular felt tips and gelpens for my mandala's. I now need to buy some better pencils and stuff. This can become my next addiction. I can recommend this type of art to anyone as it's so simple to do! I hope you'll enjoy the eyecandy for today.

Have a wonderful weekend!