Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fairy purple art

Hi there!

Goodmorning to you :) It's cool and quite windy over here and it's hard to digest to the chills after a long warm and dry period here in the Netherlands. My fingers come up with this nasty visitor 'Raynaud' due to the cold and my neck is as stiff as a piece of wood. So it's neccessary to try to stay as warm as possible, avoid stress and counting our blessings. So....... Typical challenging purple weather for me :) And thus that's what inspired me this morning to share some purple artwork and eyecandy with you. A fairy tag, some cross-stitch flower kits I finished making and of course some flowers from the garden. Also some collage pictures from my Tumblr website where I share just photos of my art. I can't believe i'm on 'blogroll' again! That's a good sign! I say Purple Rain, Purple Rain!
Count your blessings
Pansies cross-stitch bouquet
Phacelia flower from my garden
Handmade purple art by Ingeborg van Zuiden
Serendipity kit from Carolyn's garden - cross-stitch purple flower
Cross-stitch flowers
Mauve Asters
Purple artwork by Dutch artist Ingeborg van Zuiden-Weijman

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  1. Lovely in purple my friend. Love your designed works and the stitch work of pansies are gorgeous. Lovely post. So nice to see you here again. You have been missed. Have a blessed rest of the week. xo


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