Thursday, October 6, 2016

Eyecandy from my garden

Hi there! Again sooo much time flew over as if it is one deep breath, pfffff............ but i'm still alive though not kicking :) :( .

It is about time for a creative update I thought. The days are getting colder here in the Netherlands, so more time indoors and thus more time and mood for creativity. I have been stitching a lot as well as playing around with paper again. I need to show off some flowers from my garden too. Lots of colorful photos to share with you! I hope you like them. I am not a talker these days. All the bad things i've been through the past 30 years have eaten me up and i'm quiet, very quiet and feeling numb. So i hope you forgive me for not talking a lot. The pictures will tell more about my inner feelings :) I am in a very sad mood these days about so many things going on in the world and that have been going on in my life. I don't have words for it. So........... here comes the eyecandy. That's much better than reading my boring words. Remember.......... Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!!

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  1. Hi Ingeborg, Your flowers and creative stitching is beautiful. I pray your sadness is lessen by the beauty around you. God will see you through the difficult times. So nice to see you today and visit. I always leave inspired by your designs. Wishing you a Happy October and many blessed days of creating. Hugs, xo


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