Saturday, February 20, 2016

Madame Rose fairy card

Hi there! Goodmorning!

It is raining outside and so it's time for some color, so I thought. Like I said in my former posts I have lots of unfinished projects on my desk which are laying there for more than a year already! It's one big mess, like a bomb exploded over there and it so much reflects what has been going on in my life the past years. I now am in the process of cleaning out and trying to put myself back on a more peaceful and colorful track. I am damaged a lot due to my personal wars and need to come at peace with that as well. Making pretty cards and other little projects make me able to escape to fantasy worlds where everything is happy and serene, filled with flowers and my sweet bird friends. A place where I feel secluded and safe and where I am loved. Thank God for imagination! Well here is another finished project then: meet Madame Rose Fairy. A handmade card filled with my handmade crochet flowers and rolled roses made out of tissue paper and a pretty vintage fairy beautiful lady with flower crown :). Again I hope to inspire you or just make you happy by seeing it. That's all I can do at the moment. All I can say is:

Handmade fairy card with crochet flowers and tissue roses

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  1. Hi Ingborg, your design is gorgeous and so inspiring for springtime. I am so ready. We are having rain at the moment too and my favorite time to be in the studio creating. Love the pop of soft green with sparkles you added here. So refreshing. Enjoy your creative time and blessings to you for a great week. xo


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