Sunday, January 10, 2016

Return of the Roses

Dear reader,

Finally after months and months I slightly feel the need and space in my head to start blogging again. It has been a very long period off for me in which a lot has happened in my life and a lot of things have fallen into place. I needed the space to reorder almost everything that was going around in my life. And it worked! Sometimes the painter needs to take a step backwards to get a clear view on his painting :D Finally my craftroom is in line and I have space enough now to start creating again. Here and there some dots on the I, but those are peanuts. What a relief! So...... I will try to share nothing but beauty again from now on! My head bubbles with new ideas and so......... no time to lose and start creating! I will then re-open my new blog with this first post on the return of the roses :) So here they are in my latest crocheted afghan: pretty shabby chic pastel roses. I hope you enjoy viewing then. I took a simple granny square pattern which I found on Google. May more roses grow from my hands this year! Happy Sunday!

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